Nina Raeber

coll.part. is the colourful world of Nina Raeber. Curiosity and a true appetite for discovery have brought her to various places around the globe. In 2003 she founded coll.part. in Cambodia. Today she is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Travels and discoveries never stop and are part of Nina’s inspirations. The collections evolve and follow encounters and experiences.

Our objects are smart, yet humble and fun-looking accessories made to survive seasonal fashion trends but over all, they make sense and their history built them a soul. Their production is respectful and ethic, recycling is not only an eco-conscious gesture, it is a challenge for a designer.

coll.part. is a Very Small Company, when you are self-employed, you have to self-congratulate! This is why, during the 12 past months, and every month, Nina won the price of the “employee of the month” which recognizes the great flexibility and numerous skills she developed, working for and as coll.part…

Since august 2014, Samira has joined the team in Lausanne and triumphally won the title of employee of the year! Congratulations!

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